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Next time your feeling down just remember there are people stupid enough out there to sincerely beleive germ theory is a hoax, the earth is flat, and that human-caused global warming is a conspiracy...

People literally beleive the whole of science is some giant cabal of scientists in on the conspiracy just so they can get paid... never mind the fact that research scientists are some of the lowest paid scientists compared to those who work for companies implementing and doing...

First soldering attempt! YouTube videos are really helpful.

For months we've known of Angus Taylor's plans to muddy our Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) with dirty climate-wrecking gas.

This is why people should host their own content platform

The Guardian: Facebook's botched Australia news ban hits health departments, charities and its own pages.

Put good old screen damaged laptops to use - be part of a bare metal kubernetes cluster!

Yeah guess you have to invite people from all over the world and then impact your own business model

The Guardian: Australian Open: fans to be shut out as Covid-19 lockdown impacts tennis.

OK this node now backs up to Google cloud storage.

Clean up Queensland’s Youth Justice Act to take re offending criminals off the street

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